Full Name
Puneet Bhasin
Job Title
Senior Director, SRE and Platform
Speaker Bio
Puneet Bhasin is an experienced technology leader for DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and security with a proven track record of delivering successful projects, improving performance, and driving innovation. With exceptional technical expertise and leadership skills, Puneet Bhasin has developed a strong team of DevOps and SRE professionals, fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and built strong relationships with key stakeholders across the organization. Puneet Bhasin is also a security expert with a deep understanding of both offensive and defensive security practices, who has successfully implemented security measures to protect systems and data from threats. Through his strategic vision and exceptional leadership skills, Puneet Bhasin is committed to delivering value to the business and achieving business outcomes that drive the organization forward.
Puneet Bhasin