Full Name
Cornelius van Heerden
Job Title
Data Analytics Expert
Google Cloud
Speaker Bio
Cornelius van Heerden, a seasoned data analytics expert at Google with over two decades of experience, has been instrumental in Canada's Data Analytics space by driving strategic go to market strategy for a number of analytical products . He also supports a number of key customer accounts across Canada in industries ranging from Telco to Retail and Banking. His expertise spans a wide spectrum of data and analytics tools, including Excel, PowerBI, MSSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, Databricks, BigQuery, R, Python, and Looker.

Cornelius's passion for data-driven insights extends beyond his work at Google. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of data scientists, having lectured Barclays International interns in one of the first Data Science internships in Africa. His comprehensive course covered advanced statistical techniques, machine learning, Transact SQL, R, and Python, empowering aspiring data scientists with the tools to navigate the ever-evolving data landscape.

A testament to his mastery of data analytics, Cornelius emerged as the champion of Microsoft's Excel SA Champs in 2016 and 2017, securing a top ten position in the World Championships.

Cornelius's journey in Canada began as the Director of Technology at one of Canada's four Google Marketing Platform Partners. His leadership journey continued as he spearheaded a team of developers as VP of Technology at a Google Cloud Partner specializing in Data Analytics. These experiences paved the way for his current role at Google, where he provides expert guidance to some of the largest data customers in Canada.
Cornelius van Heerden