AI with ROI: Putting Google Cloud's GenAI Innovations into Action with SADA
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 7, 2024, 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Scott Bergquist Purvi Trivedi

In the past year, over 1000 AI updates have been released by Google Cloud alone. This deluge of innovations leaves many leaders and organizations overwhelmed and excited, and struggling to find the right first step to convert all this innovation to action. Join Scott Bergquist, Head of AI, Data and Industry Solutions at SADA and Jessica Richmond, Head of GenAI Sales, Strategic Industries, at Google Cloud,  as they break down the latest breakthroughs in generative AI (GenAI) from Google Cloud Next 2024 and how to get started on a path to ROI.   Get a first-hand breakdown of the most exciting announcements and advancements in GenAI technology unveiled at Google Cloud Next and hear from experts how to take the first step towards getting started.